Monday, June 4, 2012

Remodel Mondays – Settling into the kitchen

We’ve been living in our new house for over a month already! It still doesn’t quite seem “normal” – it’s so different from the old house, I sometimes can barely believe that it is ours! (Well, ours and the bank’s…)


After almost six weeks, I am finally feeling like we are pretty well settled in. If nothing else, the house looks “lived in” now…

We set up our fish tank set in the hallway next to the kitchen. This is also where three of the four cats get fed. We only have one fish in that tank right now… he is the lonely trooper who survived the move to the apartment and back. We need to get him some new friends now that the tank is in it’s final place.

kitchen during 01

The kitchen is probably the room that is closest to “finished.” I still need to find homes for some of the things that are on the counter right now, and I need a few more drawer organizers. But I think other than keeping the counter tops cleaned off, we’re almost there!

kitchen during 03

Have I mentioned that I am still swooning over my giant kitchen? Not to brag… but I’m bragging. It’s huge. And awesome. And I love it.

Of course, my coffee corner was one of the first things that I set up. That’s been fired up since Day 1. That empty pile of boxes needs to be taken to the basement… or to the recycling center… but I haven’t decided yet, so for now they’re sitting in my kitchen.

kitchen during 04

This is where a couple of barstools will eventually go. I’m really looking forward to being able to use this breakfast bar. Right now, the space underneath is for boxes that definitely are going to the recycling center, other stuff that needs to go downstairs, and extra pieces leftover from construction. And Orleans and Martin, of course.

kitchen during 08

Wait… extra pieces…?! Should I be worried about this? Are you supposed to have extra pieces left over? Oh boy… I’ll let you know if the house falls down because someone forgot that last critical screw…

We have yet to hang anything on our walls. Part of that is because I’m so hesitant to put a hole in our brand-new drywall. (But I’m planning on investing heavily in 3M Command Strips soon.) The other part is that I haven’t decided where anything goes yet. So a bunch of our stuff is sitting in a pile here in the kitchen. Actually, that brown and blue bulletin board will probably go on the wall right above where all this stuff is sitting now, but I’m not ready to commit just yet…

kitchen during 05

I’m hosting my book club here next week… I may need to step it up a little bit to get some of this stuff cleaned up!

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