Monday, November 19, 2012

Basement, part 2

Big huge thanks to my mother-in-law who has agreed to host Thanksgiving this year! Wahoo, we got a reprieve on Project Eat-Off-The-Basement-Floor!

It’s a temporary reprieve… we are still holding our office Christmas party down here next month. So we are still working our butts off to get this thing finished.

Since there were a few parts of the floor that had never been painted, and we were never going to get all the dirt off the floor, we decided to paint the whole dang thing. We moved the freezers away from the wall, scrubbed the entire thing (with a major floor scrubber!), painted where the freezers were supposed to go, and then moved them back.

freezer section

I couldn’t believe how nasty the floor was – look at the difference under the freezers (fresh paint), the square where the freezers temporarily sat, the the rest of the floor that had been scrubbed! Ick!!

Here’s Farmer Doc hard at work with the industrial-strength floor scrubber.

scrubbing the floor

Seriously gross.

(If I had known we had this thing, I would not have been scrubbing Cinderella-style!)

scrubbing close up

Just look at all that dirt!

the scrubbing aftermath

Phew… all mopped up and ready to paint.

mopped ready to paint

The hardest part to paint (and clean!) was under the stairs. I got that job.

painting under the stairs

But I wasn’t heading under there without my coffee, no way!

painting with coffee

Once the entire floor was painted, we wiped all the walls down. (I was amazed at the junk that came off the walls!) There were a few parts where the cinderblock hadn’t been sealed yet. There used to be a big closet in this part, and the old fuse box. And there are a few parts where we took out windows and closed them up. We learned that this basement was built with unsealed concrete blocks, so sealing the inside is really important to keep the water out. We got started on the sealing project last night.

basement east end sealed wall

Look how pretty the floor is!

basement west end walls ready

Since we got a temporary reprieve from Project Eat-Off-The-Basement-Floor, we decided to go ahead and paint the walls in this part. Because when your deadline gets pushed back, the first thing you do is make the project bigger. Always.

Clean and shiny floor… walls ready for paint (and a little sealer near the freezers).

basement freezer east end walls ready

It took me forever to get the pipes near the well pump cleaned off. Between the construction mess and “regular” basement dust, they were pretty nasty. But now they are cleaner than ever!

basement freezer west end walls ready

I’ve got to say… it’s a really good thing we have a reprieve on Project Eat-Off-The-Basement-Floor. This is the new basement. Where we are going to have the office Christmas party.

new basement south end before

I have been guaranteed that this part will not be as difficult to clean. And that we won’t have to paint. Promised. I intend to hold someone to that promise…

new basement north end before

Are your Thanksgiving plans shaping up? Can you believe it’s on THURSDAY?!?


  1. So, I'm just curious as to why you decided to paint the floor first...that means you have to be careful when painting the walls not to get paint on the floor.

  2. Well.... The plan was to paint the floor no matter what. So we did that. And then found out we had extra time, so we decided to add the wall project. Not the best way to do things, but it’s what we ended up with.


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