Saturday, November 10, 2012

Filling in water line trenches

Last we saw, our yard was criss-crossed with 4-foot deep trenches. Everywhere.
But, not to fear! Farmer Doc has been working overtime to get the trenches filled up (with water lines) and filled in (with dirt). The trench across the driveway was the first part of the project. Look how pretty and smooth!

driveway trench filled in
The under-the-fence part still isn’t finished. But here’s the water lines, coming out of the trenches, ready to connect to a new hydrant. Or to each other. (To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what the final part of this plan is…) The trench down the hill to the “bonus” well is all filled in, too.

water for the cow pasture
Then he ran the water lines to the other part of the cows’ pasture. This one goes behind the garage and down the hill. I just love the blue water lines, they are so much prettier than the boring white PVC pipe! (And I’m told they are better at resisting freezing. So apparently they’re not just for looks.)

water from the garage
The next part was to get rid of the sidewalk to nowhere. Enter, Trusty Skidsteer!

sidewalk to nowhere
Say goodbye to the sidewalk to nowhere…

goodbye sidewalk
And the end result? No more sidewalk, of course! A a portion of hand-dug trench ready for some electric lines.

no more sidewalk
Because this mess of electrical wires comes out of the basement, under the porch, and is ready to run underground to hook up to the garage.

electric feed from house
They’ll hook to this very neatly coiled set of electrical wires.

electric hook up at garage
Hubby Doc did get the electric lines finished! Now we have lights in the garage! If only we could get the garage door opener to work…

(PS, don’t use this people-sized door right now… the electrical trench is filled in, but the last part of the water line trench is still open!)

Do you have any outdoor fall projects going on this weekend?

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