Friday, November 23, 2012

How to comment on blogs

Okay, so you’ve found a couple of blogs you like to read, and you figured out how to follow them. Great job!

You know blogging isn’t a one-way street, right? We want to hear from you! Most bloggers have a way for you to leave them comments. If you’re not used to commenting, it can feel a little intimidating to start, but we won’t bite. I promise.

Most blog posts will have a spot for you to comment at the end of the post. If you’re reading a blog post in your email (or in an RSS reader), you’ll need to go to the website to leave a comment. All you have to do is click on the title of the post in your email (not the subject line of the email) and you’ll go right to the website. Scroll down to the bottom of the post, and see what you find.

Here is the comment section on my blog. When you first get there, you’ll see this shadow guy with a text box that says “Leave a message…” 

Alarm Clock Wars comment section
Once you click in the box to start typing, it gives you options for how you want to connect – you can identify yourself with your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Disqus account. (Disqus is a commenting system for blogs.) Or, you can just enter your name (it will also ask for an email address.)

Alarm Clock Wars comment name
Type what you want to say, then click “Post” – it’s that easy!

Here is a slightly different comment format on Dani Do It. When you get to the bottom of her post you will see a link that tells you how many comments she has.

Dani Do It comments
You’ll need to click on that link to bring up the space where you can comment. (Not sure if this is the right link? Remember that if you hover your mouse pointer over the link you will see the address it will take you to at the bottom left of your screen.)

Dani Do It comments links
Clicking on the “comments” link will take you to the bottom of the comment list, where you can leave your own comment in the text box.

Dani Do It comment text box
You will need to choose “who” you are commenting as. This gives you the option of your Google (gmail) account, a few other blog systems, using your name, or being anonymous. You absolutely can keep yourself anonymous, but we like to know who we are talking to! (Don’t you hate it when you’re at a party and don’t know anyone there?)

Dani Do It comment name
(PS – If you click where it says “Subscribe by email” you’ll get an email when someone else comments on the same post.)

Here’s another way you might see commenting show up. At the bottom of each blog post at Pinke Post she also has a link that shows the number of comments this post has.

Pinke Post comments
When you click that link, it opens another small pop-up window with all the comments. This takes you to the top of the list. If there are not many comments, you will see the section to “Leave your comment” at the bottom. If there are too many comments, you will have to scroll down to find this (or just click the “Jump to comment form” link to take you to the bottom).

Pinke Post comment window
Just like the others, you’ll have to select your “identity” – there are a few options, as well as just leaving your name (and URL, or website address, if you have one).

Pinke Post comment name
Some blogs have a CAPTCHA feature that looks like this:

You may not see this until you try to post your comment. This is one way bloggers have to control spam. (Yes, we get spam comments, too!) Don't be afraid of the CAPTCHA - just follow the directions and type the two words you see. This tells us that you are a real person, not a computer trying to generate lots of spam.

There are many different commenting systems. If you want to leave a comment, but aren’t sure what to do, just look for something that says “comment” or “reply.” Click that, and you’ll be well on your way!

Bloggers love to connect with our readers, and commenting is one way we can do that. Hope to see you in the blogosphere!


  1. We can comment on blogs? :-)

  2. Comments are candy as Leah Beyer told me once! I don't have time to always comment but think it is key to build community. This is a great tutorial!

  3. Thanks! I had a good time putting it together

  4. Thanks for the info, and yes I can comment at home...but not a work.


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