Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our dog Kodi

We lost a very good friend last week.

Kodi tall grass

Kodi was an Australian cattle dog. She never had much training in how to work cattle, but she had pretty good instincts. (She knew that bull was supposed to stay on his own side of the fence!)

Kodi and the bull
We used to have an invisible fence in part of our yard where Kodi and Sadie could hang out and not worry about getting in the way.

Kodi and Sadie in the shade
The fence quit working, and since the dogs didn’t go anywhere off the property, we decided to let them have the run of the place.

Kodi and Sadie loose
It turns out, Kodi was pretty good about staying out of the way. She loved to follow John around when he was working outside.

Kodi following the tractor
She tolerated me, but she was truly John’s dog.

Kodi barking
Kodi loved sleeping out in the sun. (Sadie would usually find some shade.)

Kodi and Sadie naptime
This year, Kodi has had a battle with cancer. She had a rare, very invasive type of cancer. We did what we could, and did surgery twice to help.

Our smiling dog was a trooper.

Kodi rosebush
But it got to the point where she wasn’t comfortable. She wasn’t her happy, smiling Kodi. And last week we let her go.

Kodi laying down
It never gets any easier, even for veterinarians.

We’ll miss you Kodi-dog… We still look for you every time we come up the driveway. We know you’re watching, and giving those coyotes a run for their money!


  1. I'm sorry for your loss...but I know she's feeling better now. Thank you for sharing the story and the pictures..I love her smile. :)

  2. I will always miss my dog

  3. So sorry I have outlived several dogs most of my come as strays or I adopt. it is hard not to love any animal

  4. I'm sorry for your loss.
    We just lost the second of four ferrets.... and old man Tetsu's time is approaching....


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