Monday, July 1, 2013

Baby Bump 23 weeks

I made it to that 6-month mark. (Today is 24 weeks. These photos are from last week.) I’m still feeling good, and haven’t hit the freak out stage yet. (Well, unless you count the day I found out I was pregnant. There was a little bit of freaking out then!)

I have graduated out of regular clothes and into maternity clothes. There’s no going back now!

23 weeks baby bump
We had another ultrasound this month to check on a few anatomy measurements that they couldn’t see well the last time. He wasn’t tremendously cooperative this time, but they did get to see what they needed.

Turns out this kid is all arms and legs! The ultrasound below shows his legs to the left side (yellow arrows), and his arms to the right side (red arrows). His head goes off the image to the right.

legs and arms ultrasound
And from a different angle, here is his footprint, headed up towards my ribs. I have a feeling the second half of this pregnancy is going to feel significantly different than the first half…

footprint ultrasound
No surprise to anyone who knows me or Farmer Doc, but this kid is already measuring big. His leg bones are measuring long at 44 mm (average for his age is about 41 mm). They estimate his weight at around a pound and a half, putting him in the 83rd percentile. So far.

But the good news (for me) is that so far his head is measuring average size. You moms out there know what I’m talking about…

I am definitely going to need to pay attention to Ott, A’s tips for raising a long baby! Any moms out there have any additional things for me to keep in mind, knowing that this is going to be one long kid?


  1. I would make note on your baby registry that you are having a boy and will not need any "newborn" size clothing. Go straight to 0-3 months and maybe the 3 months clothes. Zoe was average at 8lbs when she was born. She only lasted in the newborn size clothes for about two weeks before they didn't fit anymore. Also, skip all those cute newborn socks. Zoe's feet were very loooong...but they haven't really grown since then. haha.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I suspect we definitely won’t be needing newborn sizes for too long, if at all! The way he’s going, he’ll be just about walking when he’s born!

  3. My girl about walked out when she was born. I teased she was a toddler on her birthday! But I loved having my big baby (I was a little less worried I would break her ;) ). Congrats on baby boy!


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