Monday, July 29, 2013

Baby Bump 27 weeks

Oh my. Time is flying, and I can’t catch it!

Baby Doc is growing just as well as all the weeds in my garden. At our ultrasound last week, he weighed in at approximately 2 pounds, 12 ounces. Average for this age is closer to 2 pounds, so he’s in the 81st percentile. Still plenty big!

27 weeks baby bump
And his femur measures about 53 millimeters (average is 50). So he may have slowed down his growth just a little from last month… But I’ll still be dancing right after delivery if he shows up at less than 9 pounds.

head and body ultrasound
This week was a milestone for us. Farmer Doc and I made a trip to Babies ‘R Us to start our registry. Oh boy. This was not my first time at BRU, but it was no less overwhelming!

profile ultrasound 2
Last time I was there, I was just looking for two books. That was all. And I about had a meltdown.

Now imagine me at that crazy store, surrounded by a million different kinds of baby items, in harsh fluorescent lighting. The sales associate signed us up for the registry, handed us a list, and pointed to the different sections of the store. He gave us the little scanner gun (which was the best part of the whole thing), and said “good luck!”

profile ultrasound
Yeah... Registering for wedding gifts was so much more fun! I mean, really… how am I supposed to pick from an entire wall of bottles? (Farmer Doc says, “You’re planning to breastfeed, do we even need bottles?” Well, honey, there’s probably going to be a time when I leave for a few hours and you’ll need to take care of Baby Doc. And when I go, I’m going to take my breasts with me. So, yeah, I think we’ll need some bottles. Just in case.)

There’s approximately 357 different strollers and car seats in that store, and I only need one of each. How in the world is someone supposed to sort that out?

They tell you to register for diapers. How do you pick a brand, or a size, before you know how big the kid is going to be, or what brands are going to fit the best?

And don’t even get me started on the bedding situation. It’s all butterflies and zoo animals right now. Neither one is at all what we are looking for.

So, two hours later, we left the store overwhelmed and a little grumpy, with a partly-finished registry. I think we managed to register for a 760-count package of wipes, a few washcloths and hooded towels, a grooming kit, some baby shampoo, a crib, and a crib mattress. That’s all we need, right?

I managed to hold it together that night, but totally lost it the next day. I cried on and off for four hours. This was my first pregnancy meltdown… at least it took 7 months to happen!

My friendly readers, I am asking for your help. I’ve got the list; I know (in theory) what we need to register for. Please tell me:
  1. Your top 5 must-have new baby items.
  2. What features to look for (and avoid) in a car seat.
  3. What features to look for (and avoid) in a stroller.
I'm counting on you to help save my sanity!

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  1. Have you thought about taking another mom with you to register? With my first I thought I needed all the trendy gadgets, but I soon realized I didn't.

    1. A vibrating bouncy seat. A lifesaver! All of my kids lived in these for at least the first month of their lives!

    2. A swing. I like the one I posted the link to below. It swings in two different directions and looks more comfy than the others.

    3. For bottles I prefer Dr. Brown's. They help tremendously with colic.

    4. Halo sleep sacks. These keep the baby tightly swaddled at night where as blankets usually become loose and the baby wiggles out of them.

    5. A stationary entertainer or exersaucer.

    6. A bumbo chair. I feel babies enter an "awkward" phase at 4 or 5 months where they want to sit up but can't do it on their own. These help a lot.

    7. If, for some reason, you aren't able to breast feed I highly suggest a formula dispenser. It has compartments that you can measure the formula in before you go somewhere, or it's nice to have around home too. Then you don't have to tote the formula can around.

    Oops! You said top 5 but those are my top 7.

    I have a Graco travel system that I have had since daughter #1. These have changed a lot. Our carseat looks like a boat compared to the new ones. Our friends have a Chicco travel system and they love it. Also, register for an extra base. It makes snapping the carseat in an extra vehicle a lot easier!

    I prefer Pampers diapers. I always have trouble with Huggies leaking. Again that's personal preference. I'm sure there are people out there that don't like Pampers, but love Huggies. As far as size, you will be surprised how tiny that bottom is. My girls were in newborns for about 3 weeks.

    Hope this helps.

  2. I don't know anything about new babies, but I've shared a link to this post with a few of my friends. Hoping they can help you out.

  3. This book helped us pick things out:

  4. And I agree, swing, vibrating seat, halo sleep sacks and we started with Dr. Browns and moved to Platex Ventaire (less pieces, we are lazy).

  5. Natasha NicholesJuly 29, 2013 at 1:55 PM

    As a mom of four, I figure I'll leave you with this. You'll need plenty of onesies, and burp cloths. You'll also need sleepers. If you're up for laundry and washing, you can add outfits BUT remember that your little one will grow faster than leg hair. I'm not really well versed on bottles since I nursed, but I did use Avent ones down the line.

    The bouncy seat saved my sanity.

    I also babywore - that saved my sanity as well, well after I learned how to correctly use it (if you need help, you can google how to use them - no judgment, and you can practice with a baby doll - after pregnancy of course, but if you're feeling rogue, do it with the baby bump.)

    Most of the other stuff *I* could do without, but it's also preference. I didn't deal with things like wipes warmers, or that stuff, because, well, I was tired. LOL!

    Congratulations on the birt of your little one, and know that we all, at one point in time or another felt overwhelmed with the awesome blessing of bringing forth life. I cried in the middle of BRU sitting in a wheelchair while pregnant with my twins - and didn't care WHO saw. Big hugs!

  6. This lady has been a great resource for me! I'm 27 weeks too! We're going to go register soon! Good luck!!

  7. When looking at strollers I highly recommend the combos with the carseat. My graco lasted through both kids and beyond. It was a middle of the road price wise and had the hard plastic wheels so I didn't have to worry about a flat tire. Also make sure you can fold it easily and that it folds flat. So glad a mom told me to look at this because it never dawned on me. Look for storage space for a bag( Usually under) and cell phone spot on the stroller and a drink holder for you. I liked the little tray on the stroller that I could put a snack cup and sippy on when the kids were older. Make sure you try out how to hook seat belts, harnesses and the system together at the store. Sleep deprived and sore is not the time to figure it out. Also make sure that the height works for you both on the stroller as you push it. TOP 5 things: 1)stroller carseat combo 2) Glider or rocker with foot stool ( I slept in mine the last month since baby was so big and I also had heartburn) 3) A sling or baby wear thing, my son hated the snuggie thing 4)bouncy seat that vibrates ( this was good for at least a 5 to 10 minute shower before he melted down 5) sleep sacks ( I hated trying to figure out snaps on jammies in the middle of the night those first few weeks. Good luck, have fun and congrats!

  8. Bouncy seat, Bumbo (no tray, they fall off too easy) & definitely a swing.

    As for Bottles, go with Playtex drop-ins and here's are breastfeeding so if you store your milk in the Lansinoh or other bags, you can let it thaw and drop it right into the Playtex drop-ins bottles instead of having to pour it over into another bottle and chance spilling the precious commodity!

    Matt and I also had a heck of a time registering for a stroller and car seat. I would definitely recommend buying a combo set so you can just sit the infant carrier in the base and the stroller though. We didn't invest in any extra bases since we don't drive the truck very much. When we did drive it, we just strapped it in good with the seat belt. They only use the infant seat for maybe a year anyway!

  9. Jacqueline MaxmanJuly 29, 2013 at 6:30 PM

    I love my ErgoBaby - its one of those things that I could NOT live without. Also, a good vibrating bouncy seat. Comfortable clothes for YOU! We cloth diaper which has been a total budget saver. I know, its pricey to initially invest, but you can get your investment back. Car seats - find a fire house, highway patrol office, etc that has carseats to see which have the best ratings and which will fit in your car the best. We are partial to Chicco or Graco. Avoid strollers that you can't fold and lift solo. Remember, moms are the ones that take the littles grocery shopping, etc. You have to be able to lift the stroller if its going to be functional for your family. Good luck and I wish you a healthy baby and safe delivery! <3

  10. Christina Joest SeifertAugust 7, 2013 at 4:59 PM

    Well my baby is 14 years old so I am not up to date on all the new, fancy, cute items! So here are a few simple thoughts for you.
    1) Sleepsacks are awesome
    2) Glider/ Rocker that is comfy
    3) I remember using socks for finger mittens, to keep baby doc from scratching self.
    4) bouncy seat - they were not fancy ten years ago- little dancy did the job - I even remember now that I used an umbrella stroller inside house - kinda like a bouncy seat, then could move room to room easier without having to left and possibly wake baby -
    5) Stroller - make sure you can open and close it easily, I did not like doing an exercise session while child was waiting-fussy or not for mom
    6) I enjoyed nursing my kids, don't eat broccoli or cabbage etc - too much gas passed thru me and stuck in their tummys.
    7) Rest and nap when child takes a nap, after you have rested for while then do them chores that seem to need done. I made mistake too many times not resting when child first went down for nap, then by time they woke up I was really worn out from doing too much and not resting.
    8) When you have more then one child, while nursing youngest, call it "read and feed" time. Somehow I managed to read to older child while nursing younger one. Great bonding time.
    9) I never heard a mom regret being home with children and seeing all the milestones, I have heard several wished they had stayed home and not work so much.

    Okay, some of these are not "items" to put on baby registery list -

  11. 1. A Bumbo chair. 2. A European bath pod. 3. A swing. 4. A vibrating bouncy seat. 5. A baby carrier

  12. My baby just turned 13, but let me think...

    Your top 5 must-have new baby items:
    Lots and lots of onesies.
    Lots and lots of footed sleepers.
    At least one high-quality, super soft blanket (not fuzzy) for swaddling.

    A baby swing.
    A highchair that is easy to clean.
    Pack n' play.

    What features to look for (and avoid) in a car seat.
    I looked at reviews and went for practicality. When picking one out, also keep in mind that you're going to be carrying that infant seat into stores and people's houses, and that thing is bulky and heavy.

    What features to look for (and avoid) in a stroller.
    Easy to open and close.
    Compact and as lightweight as possible.
    Cupholders for baby and mommy.

  13. 1. Baby nightgowns makes it easiest to change them at 3 in the morning! Bumbo chair-they love them when they are a few weeks old. Swing- can help you get a few things done during the day. Front baby carrier- can help you get things done during the day. Cheapest bottles are fine...they drink milk or formula just fine.
    2. Car seat-whatever is easiest to get them in or out.
    3. Lightweight and easy fold stroller that has a few compartments and can fully recline.
    Just a few things I have learned the past 25 years raising 11 kids. Good luck!

  14. Desirée Yvonne DeYoungAugust 16, 2013 at 4:42 PM

    If you like to change often or in case of accidents 7 onesises for stage till about the time you want to potty train!!! If not more since they are cute!!! They make it harder for them to pull off the diaper they also give a protective layer incase leakage!!! Cloth diapering is pretty cool lots of cool people on facebook that make them!!!^_^


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