Friday, July 19, 2013

Because it’s Friday

And I have nothing specific to write about.
  1. It’s hot. Really hot. This is how we keep Sadie the husky cool – with ice water and a cattle-sized fan.
    Sadie and her fan
  2. The zucchini have come in. Seriously. I picked Monday evening. This is what I picked new on Wednesday morning. Anybody need some? There’s plenty more! We’re still waiting on cucumbers and tomatoes…zucchini and squash
  3. I haven’t been sleeping well. Baby Doc is keeping me up at night. I ordered a Snoogle Body Pillow to sleep with, and it has made an amazing difference! snoogle body pillow
  4. The giant Snoogle is my new excuse to not make the bed.
  5. The cats like to sleep with the Snoogle during the day.
  6. This is the box the Snoogle came in. I can’t bring myself to break it down and get rid of it, because the cats love it so much.cats in a box
  7. Speaking of cats, Martin still isn’t eating on his own. This cat is taking a remarkable amount of my time and patience!
  8. My kitchen is a disaster. I tried washing dishes this morning, and splashed water all over my belly. Guess I’m done doing dishes until after Baby Doc is born! (If only it were that easy…)
  9. I frequently find myself sitting on the couch, browsing the internet on my phone. While my tablet is sitting right next to me. You’d think I would use the tablet with the bigger screen instead of the phone. Apparently you would be wrong.
  10. I’m hungry. Again. Maybe I’ll eat some zucchini.
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