Sunday, January 1, 2012

Remodel Mondays – No more office


The part of our house that was my office used to be an attached garage. Long before Hubby Doc bought the house, it was converted into an “inside” space, but it was just sitting on the concrete slab, and is about 3 feet lower than the rest of the house.

I had that room pretty full…

full 2 office

Getting it emptied was no small task…

empty 2 office

But the demolition went pretty quickly. We pulled up the laminate flooring and re-used it in our temporary apartment. The curtains (came with the house) are going into the “give away or burn pile.” The oh-so-dated paneling came off in huge sheets, and we found the only insulation in the walls of the whole house!

The funny space to the right of this picture is a closet. Closet number one of two in the entire house. It came out.

demo office 2

We also took out the wall that surrounded the fireplace and the chimney. The brick in the photo here is the back of the fireplace that sits in the living room (on the other side of that wall). The fireplace and chimney are on their way out.

demo office 6

This is where the roof leaked around the chimney. Yep, coming out. The fewer spots for the roof to leak, the better! (And no more blaming the cats for mystery spots on the furniture.)

demo office 9

Next time… we get a (temporary) skylight!

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