Sunday, January 22, 2012

Remodel Mondays – Now there’s a roof!

We went away to Chicago and Hawaii for 10 days (the American Farm Bureau annual conference and a bit of extra vacation) and we came home to some major changes on our house!


The most noticeable thing – and you can see this driving up to the house from almost a mile away – is that the whole thing has a roof on it now!

My mother-in-law helped out taking some photos while we were out of town, so I can share with you the whole process!

They showed up one morning with a huge crane…


And lifted the trusses up to the new section of the house.


The trusses got lined up like dominoes.


When all the trusses were in, you could see the gorgeous sky through our giant skylight.


Part of the roof over the original section of the house needed to be replaced, too. So the old roof came off, and the new trusses went in. The construction guys crawled all over the new trusses and put on the decking. (You couldn’t pay me enough to get up there. I have this thing about heights.)


The whole roof was temporarily covered with a tarp (which wasn’t tied down quite as well as we thought…)

front porch 2

A couple of days later, the tarp was taken off and the moisture barrier was put on.

new roof 25

Our shingles are ordered, and we are waiting for them to come in. We are also waiting for some good weather so the shingles can get put on. Apparently the weather needs to be just right – not too hot and not too cold, definitely not too wet – or they won’t stick right, or they’ll peel up, or they’ll shrink when it gets cold… I guess I don’t really understand. But Hubby Doc knows what’s going on, so I’m leaving this part up to him.

We have a tornado warning tonight, so hopefully the new house doesn’t get blown away!

How are your New Year’s renovation projects coming along?


  1. Looking good! Good luck with picking a good stretch of weather. That's always a tough call in Indiana, no matter what the season is. The last 48 hours is my case in point!

  2. Have they finished installing the shingles? I wanna see how it looks! Wait, did a tornado really come? I hope the house is still there. Your followers are waiting for more photos…

  3. Yes to the shingles, no to the tornado. New photos every Monday, so check back!


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