Sunday, January 15, 2012

Remodel Mondays – Framing the addition


Right before Thanksgiving the walls for the new basement were poured and sealed. The floor didn’t get poured until right before Christmas. We were starting to wonder if the new basement was just going to have a dirt floor. Not to worry, it has a beautiful, sealed and shiny concrete floor!

new basement 44

Shortly after Christmas the real excitement began. The back wall of the basement was framed out, complete with big window and sliding glass door to the future patio.

new basement 52

The basement ceiling/main level floor trusses were placed.

new addition 2

The construction guys sure made a mess of my clean and shiny basement floor. You can see the ugly cinderblock that is the outside of the original basement. At some point, they are going to bust a hole in this.

new basement 56

Once the floor was in place, the exterior framing happened in an eye blink.

new addition 6

They took off some of the roof to make the join with the original structure. I do love my skylights!

new addition 7

Then they cut a hole in the side of the house.

new addition 22

And because one hallway-sized hole wasn’t big enough, they just took the rest of the outside wall down to the studs. Hello, outside! I sure hope it doesn’t rain!

new addition 41

This is the hallway in the new section. To the left are going to be two bedrooms. To the right is a full bathroom and the master suite.

new addition 35

Yep, this is our bedroom. The whole thing. Just to the right of this picture is going to be a ginormous walk-in closet and a huge master bath. I’ve always wanted a master suite!

new addition 43

Next time? Well, I’m just not sure. Hopefully we can talk about the new roof! What home improvement projects are you working on?


  1. It is sure coming along nicely!!

  2. Maybe after the last ten days, you will think about adding on a sun room! Love ours even if the view isn't quite like the oceans we've been looking at for the last few days!


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