Sunday, January 29, 2012

Remodel Mondays - Interior framing

Things keep moving right along, and we have been really happy with the progress on our new house!

All the interior framing is done, so it’s easier for us to visualize the new floor plan, rather than just looking at the drawing.

The floor from the sunken office was raised, and the new window on the front of the house was framed out (covered in plywood towards the right of the photo). The old door was closed, and the new door was opened (and you can see outside now).

new kitchen 2
This photo is taken from standing in the same location, but facing the back of the house instead of the front. The window you see here was above the kitchen sink. It is going to be above the sink again, but we made this window just a little bit smaller.

new kitchen 3
(Have I mentioned the new kitchen is going to be huge?)

They framed for the sliding glass door that will open from part of the kitchen to the back porch. Hubby Doc hadn’t gotten the stone off the back of the house yet, so it just looks like a dungeon for now. That will change (I hope).

new kitchen 5
The wall for the living room was moved. You can see on the left side of the photo where the floor is different from the hearth, fireplace, and where the wall was moved. We are hoping to be able to salvage this hardwood floor (it is original to the house). We’ll need to patch the “new” part of the floor, but should be able to do that with the hardwood we took out of one of the rooms.

new living room 3
This is one of the new bedrooms. The wall on the right will be a closet, and another bedroom to the right of that.

new 2 bedroom 1
Our master bedroom is going to be giant. I always wanted a big master suite, and we’ll have one soon! This will be the “sleeping area.”

master bedroom 5
And this will be the “sitting area.” There are two large windows on the back of the house and one large window on the side. You can see the corner of the framing for the walk-in-closet in the left of this photo. There will also be a master bathroom.

master bedroom 6
Every day, this looks more and more like a real house! Our shingles and siding are in, and the guys are just waiting for a break in the weather to get the shingles on the roof. Hopefully that will come this week…?

What are you working on this week?


  1. Sounds like a good possibility on the shingles if they are working on them today and tomorrow...sounds like no rain til later tomorrow evening!

  2. I was just out there an so far no shingles... They're working on the framing for the roofs (rooves? that's not right...) for the porches to tie everything together. Maybe tomorrow...? It's so hard to tell what they'll be doing when!

  3. Wow, you're getting there. Eventually, your house will look great. Great job!

    Let's Roof!


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