Sunday, January 8, 2012

Remodel Monday – Skylights and other windows


Last week I mentioned that the chimney and fireplace were coming out. They came out.

demo chimney 2
Yes, that is a bathtub in our front yard. That didn’t stay there long.

Hubby Doc (with a little help from some friends) took out the whole chimney/fireplace assembly.

And left a hole in the roof. Now we can see into the living room from the office.

demo chimney 11

And into the office from the living room. This wall is going to get moved back a few feet, to the back of the previous chimney, to make this room a little bit bigger.

demo chimney 5

Here’s our skylight! I kind of like it… but I think it would be better to fix the roof…

demo chimney 9

We’re also putting holes in other parts of the house. This is the front corner of my office. It is going to be kitchen, but first the foundation had to be fixed. The front corner had sunk a little bit, so it was torn out and replaced. For a while, the house was “only being held up by imagination.” And those 2x4 braces. You can still see a little sunlight above the cinderblocks on the left side.

The house moved when the wind blew.

new foundation 2

And then the tarp blew off.

new foundation 3

It took a while, but they guys finally finished this corner of the house, so it is attached again. (Phew!)

new foundation 11

And the new window was framed out. It looks like it’s awfully high, but the floor in this room is going to be raised about 3 feet to match the rest of the house. (Did I mention that this used to be an attached garage? It’s taking a bit of work to get it incorporated better.)

new foundation 12

The demo is about done, and the new construction has started! Next week we’ll look at the new framing! Yay!

What home improvement projects do you have planned for the new year?

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