Friday, January 6, 2012

New technology

For about a year, I have been complaining about my laptop. It’s too slow. It won’t open the program. It won’t run three programs at the same time. It’s too slow. The hard drive is too small. There’s not enough RAM. It’s too slow. (Theme, anyone?)

Finally, with a little help from some Christmas money, I got a new one!

I can’t believe I waited this long.
It’s pretty. It’s shiny.

asus laptop
And it’s FAST. Oh boy, is it fast.

And I’m finally in the Windows 7 world. (Yes, I had been a Windows XP girl. Never even made the brief upgrade to Vista. XP all the way).

There is a bit of a learning curve to get to know Windows 7, but so far we’re getting along pretty well. I do love the desktop widgets.

new computer display

And would you believe that this desktop wallpaper came pre-loaded? It’s almost the view from my office window! (Well, what the view was before the construction started and we moved out. But that’s the view we’ll get back soon!)

corn stalk bale wallpaper

Although that’s not a big round bale of hay. That’s a big round bale of cornstalks. And perhaps fodder for another blog post.

(Ha! A farming joke! I crack myself up!)

<Ahem. Embarrassing edit. I have been corrected. Not a big bale of cornstalks. Big bale of straw. Which is not the same as hay. My apologies. Looks like I need some more time on the farm!>

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