Friday, October 19, 2012

Cows like fall

Just like me, the cows love this time of year! We’ve got Black Angus cows, and it’s really hot for them in the summer. Cows can’t sweat, so they need plenty of shade to stay cool in the summer months.

cows in the mist
Fall is perfect for them. Crisp nights; cool, misty mornings; and warm, lazy afternoons.

napping cows in the sun

Morning brings dewy grass and cool breezes.

cows in the fall1

Wouldn’t you love to hang out here all day?

cows in the fall2

I’m not sure I could ever move back to town…

cows in the fall3


  1. Beautiful pictures! Living un thr country is the Best place to be in the fall.

  2. I never pictured myself here, but now that I am I wouldn’t trade it!


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