Monday, October 15, 2012

Remake Mondays – Office bulletin board

I’ve got this blank wall in my office, right between the door into the room and the (giant) closet. It’s right in the traffic flow when you come in the room, so I can’t put much furniture there. But it is the perfect spot for a big, bright wall hanging. So I made this bulletin board!

new bulletin board

I started with a 23x35 inch cork bulletin board, some fun fabric, coordinating ribbon, and decorative tacks.

bulletin board supplies

Lay the fabric out (right-side down) on your work surface, and lay the bulletin board (right-side down) on top of the fabric. Fold the long sides of the fabric over the board.

first fabric fold

The hanging hardware for this board is built right into the wood frame, so I need to remember where that is for later.

hanging hardware

I pulled the fabric tightly around the board and secured the top and bottom with giant thumb tacks. A staple gun would work for this too, but I don’t have one. (Actually, Farmer Doc might have one in the barn somewhere, but he’s not home to ask…) I folded the short sides up just like I would wrap a package so the corners are nice and neat.

fold the corners

And secured the sides with the giant thumb tacks.

wrapped in fabric

Flip the board over so the right-side is facing up. (It looks like I should have ironed this fabric first. Oops.)

front of wrapped board

Then I cut ribbons and laid them out in the criss-cross pattern I wanted for this board.

first ribbon strip

All the ribbons ready to go…

all the ribbons

Starting from the center, I used the decorative tacks to secure the ribbons (and the fabric) to the board.

start the pins

Here’s the board with all the tacks in place.

all the pins

I flipped the board over again to secure the backs of the ribbons. Be sure to keep the angles of the ribbons heading in the same direction on the back, or you’ll end up with funny folds on the front.

I ran out of my giant thumb tacks, and the decorative tacks I used on the front of the board were just a little too long. Since I didn’t want the pointy ends of the tacks sticking out through the front of the board, I just used clear tape to hold the ends of the ribbons down.

secure the back

(I’m not sure how well the tape will hold the ribbons to the fabric. I’ll switch this out to tacks when I get some more.)

I got ready to hang up my new, bright, bulletin board in my office. And I realized I didn’t have the right kind of 3M Command Hooks. (I need 2 of the medium-sized picture and frame hangers.) Dang it! I guess I’ll just have to go shopping now…

new bulletin board

{Affiliate links were used in this post. 3M Command strips are awesome. Also, 3M has no idea who I am.}


  1. I think my favorite line of this whole post was "Also, 3M has no idea who I am." HAHA :) Well they should, you show them so much love. :)

  2. Just keeping it real. :) Any love I give 3M is because I really do love their products, not because they're sponsoring me. But if they wanted to, I wouldn't turn them down...


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