Friday, October 26, 2012

I-69 Community Day

Last weekend we had a block party. On the interstate.

Okay. The new Interstate 69 isn’t open yet. But it goes right smack through Gibson County. And it’s been making a bit of a mess of traffic while it was getting built.

So the INDOT (Indiana Department of Transportation) and the Gibson County Chamber of Commerce put together an I-69 Community Day once the interstate was almost finished. How cool to be able to just hang out and wander around on an interstate?!

interstate proof

There was sidewalk chalk…

Alarm Clock Wars

Lots of people had already had fun with that before we got there!

chalk art

Uncle Dave made a chalk outline.

Uncle Dave chalk art

And I certainly couldn’t pass up that opportunity!

Marybeth chalk art

That’s Tammy from the Gibson County Chamber of Commerce helping me out.

(I’m a professional poser for chalk outlines. This wasn’t my first gig!)

Nikki’s Sweet Things had a cupcake stand. And I got the last pumpkin cupcake of the day! (Seriously, this adventure was worth it just because of the cupcake. Well, the cupcake and the chalk outline…)

nikkis cupcake

Right next to the cupcakes was the DJ – our friends Uncle Dave and Brian. Awesome music all afternoon!

interstate dj

We got to watch the Re/Max balloon get ready to go…

ReMax balloon getting ready

…And when it went, it sure went fast!

ReMax balloon gone

The highlight for John was getting to drive his antique tractor on the highway.

tractor drive on the interstate

So he went round and round (making U-turns on the interstate! gasp!) and back and forth pulling the shuttle bus and driving people around.

here comes the tractor again

There was a great sunset show for the night!

interstate sunset

And when we left… we got to drive on the part of the interstate that isn't open yet. It made me feel a little naughty…

interstate preview

And then dinner with Uncle Dave at the Farmer’s Daughter Bakery and Café. What a great end to a cool afternoon! Thanks, Gibson County Chamber of Commerce and INDOT! We had a great time wandering around on the interstate!


  1. From the couple of people I know that went and blogged about it looks like it was a good time! Wish I hadn't been in a bubble as I think it would have been fun to go.

  2. I’m definitely glad we made the time to get out there. We ended up having a great time!


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