Monday, October 1, 2012

Pineapple moment of truth

We brought back some Maui Gold pineapples from our trip to Hawaii in January. Farmer Doc wanted to try his hand at pineapple farming, so we planted the tops of four of the plants. Only two have made it so far. They did okay living on a table inside at the temporary apartment during our home remodel. Then the lived on the back porch at our new house. And they loved it there this summer! I think they’re well on track to start looking like the ones I saw at the State Fair anytime now…

pineapple on the porch

They grew big and tall. (Well, not so tall. But wide.)

happy pineapple

They put up new cute little shoots in the middle.

new pineapple growth

But this is going to be the most important season for our pineapple plants. It’s getting too cold for them outside, so I brought them inside. When my plants are outside they only have to deal with things like the weather and bugs. Once they are inside, they need to deal with things like getting enough sunlight, plant-terrorizing cats, and me forgetting to water them.

doomed dill

I moved them into the mudroom. It gets plenty of sun (I think) and we keep the door to this room shut so the cats can’t get in. And we walk by every time we go in or out of the house. Hopefully this accomplishes two of my goals – keeping the cats away from the plants and me remembering to water them every once in a while.

pineapple in the mudroom

It takes two years to get a pineapple, so I sure hope these plants make it through this winter! Keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. I feel like they need to live in a cat protective fence... like inside of a large animal trap or something.


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