Monday, October 8, 2012

Remodel Monday – Hanging photos

No, we’re not remodeling anything new. (Phew! That was one heck of a project!) But I am working on doing some decorating in the house, finally! I was inspired to get the ball moving on this by my friend, Jessie. She and her new husband moved into their house 6 weeks ago, and they are already pretty well unpacked, put away, and have curtains hanging and some decorating done. Already.

So I felt a little bit like a slacker.

I entered these photos in the Gibson County Fair open show. Last July. They’ve been sitting here, in my kitchen, right in front of the door, ever since. I see them every time I walk in the house. And every time I see them I think, “I really should get those hung up one of these days.”

photos in kitchen

Here’s the empty wall where they are supposed to be hung. A big, empty, light green wall.

empty wall

I brought the photos into the living room, and laid them out on the floor to try to figure out how I wanted to arrange them on the wall. This arrangement was okay, but was a little too symmetrical.

option 1

Pretzel liked this arrangement, but I wasn’t crazy about it.

option 2

Again, okay, but too symmetrical.

option 3

I decided the firework photo didn’t quite go with the other farm photos, so I tried taking it out. I decided I didn’t like this arrangement with only 4 photos. (There really is something about decorating in odd numbers that just works better…)

option 4

So I brought it back, but in a different orientation. (After all, it’s a firework taking up the entire photo. It doesn’t exactly have a “right” way.)

This was really close, but not quite what I wanted…

option 5

Ah ha, this was the one!

option 6

I attached 2 3M Command Medium Picture Hanging Strips to the back of each frame. These strips are great – they are sort of like super-Velcro. You attach one to the frame, and “velcro” the second strip to the first.

attach command strip

Then you take off the paper backing and position the frame on the wall where you want them. The frame pops off easily, leaving one strip stuck to the wall and one strip stuck to the frame. Then press on the wall strips to make sure they are good and stuck. Let them sit for an hour before you hang the frames back up. (Two of the Medium Picture Hanging Strips will hold up to 6 pounds.)

position on wall

Ta da, a finished wall! (Now I’m thinking I should have spread them out a little more… but this gives me room to expand my collection!)

finished wall

I’ll probably switch out the firework for another farm photo soon, but at least I’ve got these photos hung! With these Command strips, it is really easy to switch out the photos in the frames, or even to hang different frames with the same wall-mounted strips.

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  1. way ahead of me...I never hang up pictures...but I have never felt like a home was permanent. Maybe that will change with the next place. :)

  2. Dani, I left those photos out in direct sight so one day it would bug me enough that I would finally hang them up. :) I just got a pair of curtains TODAY for our master bathroom... maybe I'll get those hung up sometime in the next two weeks...


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